Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing Horses?

Confusion intended, but not meant to linger. My new blog is mostly about writing, and will often have something to do with horses. My mystery series features amateur dressage rider Thea Campbell and her horse The Black Queen’s Bishop. Expect to see Thea, her friends and family (sorry, not Blackie) showing up from time to time for interviews. Look for guest appearances by other authors, too—many of whom have horses in their books!

Hey, Susan…?

And, now on a subject very near and dear to my heart, (I’m almost beside myself with excitement!) DEATH BY A DARK HORSE, the first book in my mystery series, will be coming out in February 2011 in e-format. Right in time for downloading onto that brand new e-reader you got for Christmas, or right onto your computer. It will be available not only from Amazon, but Smashwords, too, which most other e-readers like the Nook, the Sony e-reader, iPad, and many others have access to.


The first chapters of Death By A Dark Horse will be available here and on my website (free!) in a couple of months. I’ll keep you posted!

Hey, page-goddess!

Okay, I’ll admit that is a little hard to ignore. Hello, Juliet.

You’ve got a new blog! Cool!

Thanks. Everyone, this is Juliet Campbell—

Do you want to interview me? Now? I can tell all these people I’m Thea’s younger, taller, and prettier sister. Oh! Oh! I almost forgot! Thea’s got a big date with Jonathan next weekend. She actually went shopping—for a dress! They’re going to some fancy-schmancy restaurant with his parents in downtown Seattle.

None of your business, Juliet. And yes, I do want to interview you, but not right now. What are you doing here, anyway? Not to tell me about Thea.

Well, yeah, partly. She so needs to dump Jonathan’s ass. He is so not right for her. Can you—

No. Forget it. What else is on your mind?

Huh. Fine. I also wanted to find out who knew about…um…you know…the “thing.”

What “thing”?

 You know…that “thing” Aunt Vi and Delores know about.

Oh. Why do I get the feeling you’ve told someone you shouldn’t? And do you realize you’ve just slipped some information out that maybe people would like to find out for themselves?

Sorry, I only told Eric—uh.

Eric? When did this happen?

A couple of days ago. Eric won’t tell.

Enough, okay? We’ll do an interview later and you can tell people all about yourself, but I need to close this up right now. Say “bye” to everyone.

(sighs) All right. “Bye to everyone.” And, people, there’s nothing at all going on any of you need to know about. Nothing.

Thank you so much for that.