Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There's a New Bun ... er, Book in the Oven

I’ve been absent. But 83,241 words later, I’m back, and with a new book begging for release. It is in editors’ hands now, so I’m waiting patiently (sort of) to hear from them. I’m waffling on the title, and don’t have the cover art done yet, but all of that is in progress. 

Here's some questions I've been fielding lately (other than "what took you so long?"):

So, what’s it all about? 
It’s about two, maybe three weddings and at least one funeral.

Who gets married? Is it Thea and Paul? 
Well, maybe. Anybody remember me saying once that when they got married something awful and unexpected would happen? You don’t? Oh. Too bad.

And what’s this about three weddings? 
I said “maybe.” Pay attention.

All right then, who dies? Someone I had a lot of trouble killing, and a couple other people. There was a higher body count in the end that what I originally intended. And more blood. 

What about Juliet? Has she gotten over Eric? Juliet is nothing if not resilient. She’s up to the top of her curly head in intrigue. And Eric … hmmm ….

Does Blackie get more page time? Blackie figures strongly in this story. We’re spending a good deal of time at the barn, I’m happy to say.

And the title?
I’m waffling between “Fatal Injection” and “Shooting to Kill

Have you got a preference on the title? Which would you pick up? And while you're at it -- if you've got any questions for me or any of the characters, toss them in the comments. We'll try to satisfy your curiosity without giving too much away.