Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Baby Has A Name!

We have a winner!! Yay!!

Sally Matteson, who emailed me off-blog, suggested….(drum roll)…..

>>>  An Error In Judgment  <<<

The title fits the story well. I'll admit, it was a tough contest. I couldn't give away too many hints without giving away the story line and all the twist and turns that make the reading of it so much fun. So….to reward everyone who contributed their creative brain cells to naming the baby, EVERYONE WINS! Okay, so Sally gets her name in the acknowledgments, but everybody gets a coupon for a free copy of An Error In Judgment when it is released. I've got The List and will do my best to contact everyone. If I miss you, let me know. If you'd rather have a coupon for a free copy of Death By A Dark Horse or Levels Of Deception, that can be arranged -- again, all you have to do is let me know!

We're closing in on the final edits and then the cover will get underway. Once that's complete you'll see it here first -- and you know the book will be following in short order.

Thanks once again for all your ideas.