Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Thea & Blackie!

Depending on where you look -- Smashwords or Amazon -- it's been a year since Death By A Dark Horse saw the eyes of new readers. Hard to believe, I know, and yet it feels like I'm an old hand at this publishing game. In ways that have challenged me repeatedly, I am.

In the past year, two more books have joined DBADH -- Levels Of Deception and An Error In Judgment. No, I didn't write them really really fast. I took my time with each, learned a lot and polished multiple times before each of them took their turn in my personal publishing queue. All three books were written when I thought I was pursuing the traditional route to readers, before I made the decision to go Indie a year and a half ago.

In a year's time the publishing industry has changed at a speed few could have predicted. It's exciting and a little scary. New opportunities are opening for authors almost daily, new challenges arise at the same time and I'm getting really cozy with the dizzying feeling of the world rushing around me as the ground shifts under my feet.

I do have a few anchors. Without them I'd be hiding under a rock somewhere, or more likely, working in a local fast food joint, dreaming about what could have been. So, a HUGE thank you and Big HUGS to the following people who have kept me tethered to sanity and on track. The list is not complete nor in any order, by the way. Many more people should be on it. Nevertheless, let me say ... 

Ladies and gentlemen, you rock.

If you, the reader, choose to Google these names, you'll understand why I feel so blessed.

Lisa Stowe
Chris Roerden
Mary Buckham
Anne Christensen
Margie Lawson
Tracy Hayes -- Pastiche Studios
Lisa Harris
Jessica Miller
Larry Karp
Jane Isenberg
Kris Neri
MK Windom
Kaylan Doyle
Puget Sound Chapter of Sisters In Crime
Anne Charles
Amber Scott
The Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime
The members of O-Pen writers' group
My supportive family and …
All of YOU who have become part of Thea's family.