Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's a ... BOOK!!

Saving the Queen of Diamonds is launched!

Family: Can't live with them ... but an uneasy alliance might be an option when murder is involved.

Thea and Paul have been married two months and have yet to tell his family. Now his parents have hit town with a vengance and an agenda: give Paul's beautiful ex-wife the opportunity to win him back and be a father to the teenage boy she claims is his son.

Thea panics and Paul is staggered. However, in less time than it takes the single-minded seductress to shed a tear she is arrested for murder.

At her son's insistence, Paul attempts to discover what happened. But all his inquiries are stonewalled. What little information has surfaced causes Paul to suspect a set-up. With or without Thea, he intends to investigate. Gurdgingly, she agrees to help -- with the caveat that every last one of them go back to where they came from. So little to ask, and yet ....

As Thea and Paul dig into the case, they find themselves pitted not only against a devious criminal and law enforcement who do not want their help, but dirty-dealing family members who have fabricated lies and deceptions of their own.


You can get it in ebook format, for now, at both Amazon and Smashwords. It's in process of being distributed to the other ebook retailers. Print will be available soon.