Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Book Covers

While I've been preoccupied with a number of tasks, chores and drama (including working on the newest Thea Campbell mystery) my talented friend Tracy Hayes has been creating brand new covers for the print version covers of Death By A Dark Horse, Levels Of Deception and An Error In Judgment. Yes, the photographs are mine, but without Tracy's ability to take raw material and make magic happen, they would have been just ordinary photographs. So, as they say .... Ladies and Gentlemen, I present ---

The horse in this picture is not my Eddie -- who is white (gray, if you're being absolutely correct), and therefore unsuitable -- but Stacey Sikorski's very excellent dressage horse High Spirrits. The photograph was taken at a clinic with Henrik Johansen, and Spirrit was exhibiting the exuberance that earned him his name. Stacey, ever the tactful rider, was simply sitting quietly and waiting for him to settle down. I think his energy comes through in the picture and particularly the book cover! 

This photograph is actually a "negative" of the original. Fossilized Trilobites are not white, as you may know, but black. With the exception of the trilobite in the center, all the images are fossils my husband and I dug at a little place in Eastern Washington called Stonerose Interpretive Center (go ahead and follow the link if you are intrigued). I do own the trilobite, but bought it so many years ago that I can't remember where now.

This is a photograph of my daughter -- and yes, she is this beautiful, but she's not blue. And no, guys, you don't get a link to her. We staged the photograph specifically for the book cover. Bless her heart, she was very patient with me. Of course, she could simply be used to her quirky mother by now!

I hope you all enjoy these new covers even half as much as I do. The images above are for the print covers. The ebook covers will follow suit, if they haven't already. Many thanks to everyone who has aided and abetted my wild schemes and nutty ideas!

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  1. Very striking covers. Death by a Dark Horse particularly is evocative.