Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Carried Away -- Available Now!

You can preorder my new romantic comedy, Carried Away, right now, just in time for the holiday-crazy-season. Think of it as a little gift for yourself, to take a break from "too much to do and to little money to do it with." It's short (won't take but an evening to read) and only .99 -- and for that you get to laugh, gasp and sigh ... and maybe be glad your life isn't like Thea and Paul's. 

When you're getting married to the same man, what could possibly go wrong?

Struck by guilt after her and Paul Hudson's impulsive Las Vegas wedding, Thea Campbell plans a second, traditional affair while keeping the first secret. The last thing she'd wanted to do was hurt her friends and family by not including them. Too bad she didn't count on her ex-almost-fiance showing up at her door just hours before the ceremony. There's a good chance that at least one person will get a little carried away.

Available from Amazon in e-book format only

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