Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meet My Character -- Blog Tour

I've been asked by author Kate Wyland, who writes wonderful romantic suspense novels, to participate in the "Meet My Character Blog Tour". You should pop over to her blog -- when you're done here, of course -- and see what she has to say about one of the characters she writes about. However, since you're here, allow me to introduce you to Thea Campbell, the protagonist in my mystery series.

1. What is the name of your character?
Thea Campbell ... unless you're her mother. Then her name is Theodora Bernadette Campbell. Big name for a little person.

2.Is she a fictional or historic person?
Totally fictional -- I swear.

3. When and where is the story set?
The setting is not fictional. It's present-day, in the real-life town of Snohomish, Washington -- at least in most of the books. Thea also will find herself in Montana, Issaquah, WA, and Seattle.

4.What should we know about her?
She's 29 when the series begins and single, owns her own accounting business that she operates out of her small Craftsman style house, and owns a horse she rides dressage. Her younger sister Juliet lives in town, too, as do her great aunt and uncle. Her sister is a bit of a wild-child, so Thea feels responsible for her (not an easy thing). Her aunt and uncle are transplanted Brits, and lend support to both the young women when trouble comes their way -- and her uncle (a former Olympic dressage rider for Great Britain) coaches Thea in dressage. I probably should mention, too, that Thea's horse seems to have a psychic connection with her.

5. What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
In the first book, Death By A Dark Horse, Thea's horse is stolen and the thief is found murdered. The supposed thief also happens to be Thea's uncle's start student and Thea is suspected of offing the young woman. 

6. What is the personal goal of the character?
Thea believes she has her life all planned out. She likes her nice predictable life. A lot. She throws her energy into clearing herself of suspicion of murder. In the process more pieces of her life start to shift and fall out of her control, including her love life. Sure, she has a boyfriend ... a nice, safe (is he really?) attorney who doesn't inspire her. She doesn't expect to be blindsided by a paleontology professor with intense blue eyes and a tendency to wade into the middle of trouble.

7. What are the other books in the series?
Death By a Dark Horse is the first. In order are ...
Levels of Deception
An Error in Judgment
Shooting to Kill
Saving the Queen of Diamonds
and ... brand new, not a mystery, but a romantic comedy ... Carried Away

Next week look for Kait Carson, who writes mysteries set in the hot tropics of Florida, and Lisa Stowe whose mysteries are set in the beautiful but dangerous mountains of Idaho.


  1. That's a good way to get to the bare bones of your writing doing one of these.

    1. Yes, you're right. To be honest, I'm a bit more obscessive -- I've got an eight page questionnaire that I've filled out for all my major characters as well as the villains, victims and some of the suspects in every book! Believe me, after doing 7 books it's pretty much a requirement or I'll forget important details I established several books ago!

  2. I love Thea - eight pages? Wow. I am impressed. That is very cool. And the attention to details shows in the books. Thea is not a character to me. She is a real, living, breathing person. Great job. Oh, yes, I accept the gauntlet. Watch for my blog on Mysteristas on November 18th, and meet Hayden Kent. Or Catherine Swope? No, Hayden Kent. Well....guess you'll just have to come on over and see.

    1. Yes, can you believe it? It was, initially, an assignment in a class I took several years ago and I about choked on it. However, I learned an enormous amount about her. I use that same format to learn about new characters, too -- villains, antagonists, and those who will play a major role. It takes time, but it saves me from false starts and carbon-copy characters.

      By the way, just picked up your newest book -- Death by Blue Water -- and it is at the top of my reading pile! Can't wait!